Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 114 Going on retreat with the Plan

Tonight I arrived at Aldermarsh retreat center with two good friends. We caravaned up from Portland in two cars (we're north of Seattle about an hour) and it was quite a comedy as we loaded up the two cars with all our stuff. We're here for 10 days and that's a pretty long time but it wasn't clothes or books or even the bedding and towels we brought that took up the space. It was the food, for we each brought large quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables and that takes up a lot of space.

Of course, there are grocery stores here on the island and, according to a friend of mine who lives up here, somewhat decent organic sections in both of them. But we hate to leave the peace and focus of the retreat once we arrive and so we each had about 6 big bags of food. We laughed about it but when you eat fresh, it's voluminous!

At opening circle, we talked about how lovely it is to be here with people willing to eat this way. Not just for the solidarity and the simplicity of not having to cater to individual likes and dislikes, but also because that mutual commitment to health and well-being spills over into our relationships with each other and that's a lovely thing.

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