Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 113 Getting my annual wellness exam

Today I had my annual exam with my doctor, who was as excited as I was with the weight loss (26 pounds to this point) and the big reversal in my lipid panel numbers. Laurie's been my doctor for over a decade and she's gently encouraged me to change what I eat and kept me aware of the diabetic implications of obesity. But she's never bullied me or tried to frighten me or done anything to belittle me in my resistance to change. And I am really grateful for that.

So it was very nice to share my current path with her and get her encouragement to keep it up. We had a talk about cholesterol medication and she agreed that I should stop taking it and retest in a month to see if my body can maintain healthy levels on its own. She also agreed that I could cut my blood pressure medication in half and monitor that. Having her remove hyperlipidemia from my chart felt like a huge victory! Hurray!

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