Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 116 Food as a creative activity

I've never been deeply interested in cooking. Never been one to pour over recipe books, watch cooking shows, or take a class in the fine art of chopping. But since I started eating differently and feeling differently, with a different kind of energy and enthusiasm, I've found it intriguing to put food together in new and interesting ways.

Lunch and dinner today at the retreat were my responsibility. Last night I put together a crockpot soup of potatoes, green beans, white beans, celery, turnips, and spring onions with cumin and Italian seasoning. It was very good. I put together all our leftover salads with some fresh lettuce and made a very tasty guacamole with avocado, lime juice, cherry tomatoes, and a scallion finishing salt Lily had brought. That was lunch.

Tonight's holiday dinner was pasture-raised burgers, sweet potato "fries" (thin rounds of sweet potato baked in veggie broth with spring onions, garlic, and prunes), mixed greens (kale and chard from the garden here) steamed with balsamic vinegar, and dessert (fresh raspberries from the garden here, mixed with banana, blueberries, and nectarines). We splurged and ate the fruit with coconut milk and a grain-free granola made here on the island. The colors were beautiful and it was all very tasty and fun.

I liked creating the combinations, going with what sounded good to me, and not worrying about how it might taste. Or rather trusting that with good, fresh ingredients, almost any combination would work.

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