Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 120 More on vulnerability

My good friend Barbara Joy emailed me today and said some wise things. We had met for lunch on Saturday and I told her of my new quest to step into vulnerability, something I've avoided as much as possible for as long as I can remember. Somehow stepping into the new food plan and letting go of some od my physical armor is opening up space for me to soften in other ways.

Her words today were about hunger, about the discomfort of hunger, and how that might well be connected to the discomfort of vulnerability. Here's part of what she said: "Maybe hungry = vulnerable, in the sense of needing to trust what one can't control happening in the future.....and then we have to trust in something larger than ourselves. And isn't that disconnection from the source at the root of our addictions anyway...."

I don't have a handle yet on where this might take me in my thinking and understanding of the new life I'm opening up to but I think there's a piece in here for me to consider. What is my relationship with feeling hungry? What is my relationship with discomfort? Both of these make me feel unsafe within myself yet neither is inherently dangerous for me. Something to think about.

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