Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 122 The Binge Lady comes to call

Yesterday, I couldn't get full. I had juice/smoothie, rice cake and peanut butter, a Larabar, cashews, a couple of dates, all before lunch. I ate a modest lunch (salad) but in the early afternoon, I ate a whole package of Trader Joe's dried mango. And then I was done. I stopped thinking about food and ate modestly at dinner.

It only vaguely occurred to me to sit with the discomfort and I quickly went to F--- it and just ate what I wanted. While all the foods are on the plan, quantities of sugar and fat like that are not. But I just couldn't seem to get sated.

Today I feel very different. Smoothie early, a bowl of oatmeal with fruit, a large salad, tea, water. All good. Everything calm again.

My experience was not of craving, not in the way I associate cravings. Although maybe I didn't slow down enough to even figure out what that was. I recognize now that I could have done it differently and maybe next time I will.

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