Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 123 New clothes and diet mind

I got back today from a 10-day writing retreat. It's beyond casual up there and I took t-shirts and comfy clothes and spent a lot of time in my pajamas. I don't think I looked in a mirror more than a couple of times. But even so, I became very conscious of the fact that my clothes were beyond  baggy. As my buddy Lily said, "They're just hanging off you." I like my clothes loose and airy but this was even beyond that.

In the mail stack on my table were packages from Lands End, Ulla Popken, and Woman Within. For the first time, I had ordered clothes in the next size smaller. I was a bit apprehensive. And Diet Mind started talking to me. "You know you'll just gain it back. These are stupid, wasteful purchases." But I opened the packages and tried the clothes on and they fit. And I was amazed at how much better I looked to me when the clothes fit.

Maybe I will gain it back. Maybe I'll lose more and go down another size. Right now it's just very nice to have some things to wear that look great.


James Simmons said...

You won't gain it back. Stay the course....and be proud of yourself. Use your strength to your advantage...You deserve it!

kathy said...

I am impressed with you! I suggest you donate MOST of your fluffy clothes. Save one pair of panties and jammies and jeans and top then start from scratch. I am on a daily journey too.

Jill Kelly said...

Thanks, Jase!

Jill Kelly said...

Kathy, what a great idea! I appreciate your writing. Jill