Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 124 Expanding my comfort zone

I've long thought that people either are born with a comfort gene or an adventure gene. My friend Isabelle got the adventure gene. Her idea of travel is minimal money, a little backpack, a country she's never seen before and where she doesn't speak the language. My idea of travel is a writing retreat on Whidbey Island where I've been two dozen times, where the beds are good and the food even better, where I know everyone who is going and they speak my heart language and I get a chance to deepen those friendships. I like to know the rules, know to an extent what's going to happen (like reservations to a good hotel that someone trusted has recommended).

But I'm starting to reconsider this. In order to make long-lasting changes in how I eat, I am going to have to do better with discomfort, specifically the discomfort of cravings and food desires and habits. I want to learn to not run away but sit with that feeling, explore it, see if it passes, see if it changes.

None of this, of course, is original with me. This is one of the major tenets of Buddhism: being with what is. And I'd long seen sitting with discomfort as a necessary evil. But then this week, I read Leo Barbuta's Zen Habits blog on discomfort and I was very intrigued with his idea that when we develop a better relationship with discomfort, our comfort zone enlarges. That makes so much sense to me. And having a larger comfort zone makes all of life easier. A big plus!

Here's a link to Leo's blog:

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