Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 125 My attraction to nuts

Twenty years ago this post would have been about people. I attracted a lot of very unhealthy people while I was out there drinking. While I wasn't actively seeking the weird and crazy, I had such poor boundaries and such unhealthy vulnerability that a lot of loonies came my way.

Today I was seduced again by nuts, but the eating kind: cashews, almonds, macadamia. Nuts are on my plan. They're a plant-based nutritious source of fat. That's right, fat. So moderation is what is called for. A few nuts, maybe 10, maybe 12. But moderation is a challenge for me some days and today was one of them. So the few nuts became a few more and then became a cup full. I was sated, which was what I was looking for, but that kind of relentless eating isn't my intention anymore.

I ate healthy the rest of the day: a piece of chicken, some veggies, a bowl of veggie soup tonight, but I'm going to have to come to peace with the nuts in my life.

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