Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 128 The skinny on my skin

Every five or six weeks, I get a facial from a lovely woman at Spa Willamina in Portland's Hollywood district. I got introduced to facials at the tender age of 64 when my college friend Kathleen sent me a check as a gift that was to be used for a facial. One experience with Katy and I was hooked. It's more relaxing to me than a massage and I know it's great for my skin to have a professional look after it periodically.

This is my third facial since I started the plan 128 days ago. At the first one, Katy noticed the weight loss and we talked about that. Last time she said my skin was starting to look better. This time she said the change in my skin was remarkable. Clearer, brighter, softer, smoother, well hydrated, younger. I've noticed it looks better to me but I see the changes day to day and I don't spend that much time close up on my face. She was seeing me after five weeks and way up close.

This is a side effect of the plan I hadn't imagined.

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