Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 129 12-Step wisdom that I use to stay on the Plan

I was talking with my friend Carole yesterday afternoon. She's new to the 12 steps, trying to find her way out of food addiction through OA and a food plan. She had recently read the Big Book and could see how all those discussions and ideas applied to her dilemma, which was great. And I started telling her about some the things I use to stay sober and now to stay on the plan. I thought they might interest some of you as well.

1. Playing out the tape. I learned in the treatment center to play the tape forward in my head. I take a drink and I'm okay but that drink leads to a second and a sixth and then I'm drunk and the next day I say "what the hell" and get drunk again and in two weeks I'm worse off than ever before and I may never get back. I do that now with candy bars or ice cream, play it all the way out until I'm sick, and it stops me cold.

2. Focusing on what I really want, not what I can't have. Focusing on sobriety and the freedom from shame, guilt, misery. Focusing now on feeling great and not on certain foods that I can't eat. I was tempted by a lowfat, low-sugar frozen dessert that has milk at the store today, and then I remembered what I really want and it wasn't that.

3. Prayer: Asking for help in the morning, thanking Spirit at night

4. Staying in close contact with sponsor (health coach) and buddies. Friends in the program have always been a vital part of my sobriety and my Plan buddies are a huge help in this new adventure.

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