Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 132 Commitment to curiosity

One of the most intriguing ideas I've heard lately is that of living your life from a commitment to curiosity. Such a stance creates an opening for many possibilities to occur, a chance to shift from "why me?" to "what's next?" and "what can I make of this?"

I think this direction towards curiosity has been characteristic of my 4+ months on the plan. Most times when I've started a diet, I've had high hopes and expectations of losing weight and a lot of it and fast. I've been willing to suffer briefly to look thinner. But the whole premise of this program for me has been about seeing what can happen, about being curious. Could I feel better? Could I have more energy? Could I sleep better? Could I lose some weight? Could I get off my cholesterol medications? I didn't have expectations that those things would happen, but I was willing to try and to remain curious. Similarly, I didn't anticipate taking up cooking again, but I got curious about how I could fix good food for myself that I would enjoy and not spend a ton of time doing so.

This has worked so well for me that I'm now willing to get curious about some other things. What if I worked half-time and wrote and painted half-time? What if I applied for writer's residencies? What if I investigated grants? What if I took my painting more seriously? I love this approach to things.

What are you curious about?

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