Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 135 Another lovely poem from another great coach


There's a moment
when you know the meal is over,
but you keep eating.
Though you don't want to.
You believe you're broken,
you feel bottomless.

One day you pause,
and with great tenderness
you face that dreaded disruption of habit,
and allow yourself
just this once,
an experiment.

You sit down,
take a deep breath and
you feel.

You take out paper and pen.
And you write:
I feel (your undesired feeling).
yet I want to feel (your desired feeling).
You ask yourself the question,
What would really help me feel (my desired feeling)?

An answer comes.

You walk away,
amazed that after all these years
sanity could be so simple.

Jenna Abernathy is an eating psychology and nutrition coach. She's passionate about inspiring people to love their body, trust their hunger, and honor their real desires. www.divinehunger.com  

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