Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 136 Problems and happiness

At the workshop I attended over the weekend, one of the ideas we discussed was this: Most people believe that if they could solve all their problems, they'd then be happy. In fact, the reverse may be true. If we get happier, we find it easier to solve our problems. And sometimes they just go away. And if they don't, it doesn't matter much because we are already happy.

I think this may well be true with weight loss. Like millions of other women and many men, I've struggled to lose weight so I could be happier. I've lost significant weight several times but I have to admit that although I was proud of myself for the weight loss, I wasn't measurably happier at all, and none of my habits changed and I gained the weight back and then certainly wasn't happy.

Eating this new way has brought me an undeniably huge measure of happiness: energy, cheerfulness, well-being. I've lost some weight, which is great, but that isn't what's making me happy. I'm eating in a way that is making my body happy and that has nothing to do with what I weigh.

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