Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 138 Ambushed by the Power of Not Now

Yesterday I promised my health coach I would do a food journal for the next three days. And of course, I still can, but I don't want to. Why? Because I've already eaten too much. I'd agreed to not eat between breakfast and lunch (shouldn't be that hard, should it?) but at 10:45, I was ravenous, or thought I was, and had a snack. Well, more than a snack. Two snacks. And then I had lunch and then I had another snack an hour later.

I can pretty easily acknowledge that some days I'm much hungrier than others and maybe today is one of those days. That happens but I could have made other choices that I would have been happier to share with my coach than what I've eaten (1/2 cup of nuts, 2 date bars). More importantly, I could feel myself succumbing to the Power of Not Now.

I did think about it when I was first hungry. I thought, Self, I'm going to ride through this and see what happens. Okay, Self said back. Let's do it. That lasted 10 minutes and I thought, I'll start the three days tomorrow and Iwent out to the kitchen and ate.

That's just so familiar. I'll stop drinking but not until Monday. I'll eat better but not until the first of the month. I'll watch what I'm spending but not until after the next check statement comes. Not Now is really seductive when you are trying to change a habit.

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