Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 140 A mild case of food grief

I went up to my sister's for an overnight visit. Took along green juice and big salads and we had a delicious dinner of  smoothies and salad on their wonderful patio. Then this morning we met more family at a wonderful restaurant in Hood River, Nora's Table. I've eaten at Nora's since I've been on the plan and knew that I could spend my daily animal protein on eggs and sausage with a safe side dish and that's what I did and the food was delicious.

However, there was a brief but deep longing for the beignets (hot fried doughnuts) that kept my brother-in-law happy until everyone arrived, and the oohing and ahhing over the summer squash fritters with creme fraiche and the cardamom pancakes with a ton of butter and syrup that were pronounced "exquisite" by my table mates looked mighty tempting.

I got plenty to eat, felt very satisfied, but had a nostalgic moment for the old days.

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