Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 145 Struggling with the minor inconvenience

The last several days I've been out and about more. I was at the coast overnight to give a presentation, staying in a motel. Today all day I was at a writers conference. Sticking to the Plan is a lot easier at home. I don't have non-Plan foods around and I find it a bit easier to stick to my schedule.

On the trip to the coast, I planned lunch out (a crab salad at a favorite restaurant) and then brought several other kinds of salad with me, several snacks, and a smoothie for first thing in the morning. The first hurdle I ran into was early evening when I would normally have had dinner. I hadn't counted on being really hungry a few hours after the crab salad but I was so I ate all my snacks (3) before I went to the presentation at 6. I don't like to do that as snacks aren't meals but I knew I'd be hungry after the presentation and in a small town, I was going to struggle to find food on the Plan at 8:30 at night that didn't involve meat (I'd already had mine for the day). I ate the salads when I got back and went to bed early.

Next day, I got up early and had the smoothie about 6:30. By 10 when I was packed and ready to go after a long walk on the beach and a shower, I was starving and didn't have any more Plan food with me and it was more than 90 minutes to home. So I went to a pancake house and got eggs and sausage and potatoes. A pretty high fat meal but I was so hungry and I didn't order toast or the wonderful-looking pancakes. Got home and had an early dinner.

Today I took extra smoothie with me because I ate breakfast at 7 and lunch wasn't until 1. I didn't eat off the plan but I got tempted into extra meat on my salad (chicken and bacon) as I skipped the batter fried shrimp, hot rolls, two kinds of cheese, and croutons.

So this is a long-winded way to say that I need to work on planning a bit more carefully. I didn't eat wheat, dairy, or soy, but I ate more meat than I'm committed to and so having main dishes I can travel with is a challenge to solve.

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