Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 146 Eating for equanimity

Yesterday at the conference, I misplaced my keys. I remembered having them in my hand after I left the car but nothing after that. As I left my final session, I went through my rather voluminous purse with its many comforts (notebook, book to read, iPad, all my stuff, tea mug) but no keys. I went out to the car. They weren't in the ignition or on the ground.

The conference was at the Airport Sheraton and the Hampton is right next door. I was parked in the Hampton lot and so I went to their front desk in case someone had turned them in. Nope. So I went back to the conference desk and asked but they don't keep a lost and found and sent me to the hotel desk. And there they were.

No big deal, you're probably thinking. And that's exactly the point. Six months ago, I would have gone into a minor panic when I couldn't find them. At best, I would have been seriously annoyed and frustrated; at worst, I'd have played out a wretched scenario of being stuck at the conference, replacing all those keys, burdening some friend with having to come get me or spending a lot of money on a cab. I'd have cycled through a big drama before I ever got to the Hampton front desk.

But I didn't do any of those things. I went through my purse twice. I looked in the logical places and I stayed calm and cheerful. It wasn't a big deal and my healthy nervous system supported that. I love these pieces of evidence of the change in me.

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