Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 151 Five months into the new life

Today I start the 6th month of my fool plan, or as I'm now calling it "my new life." Here are some of my thoughts at this juncture:

1. Not once have I wished it were over (I use to wish my diets were over just about every hour).
2. It has been amazingly easier than I thought to cut out wheat, dairy, and soy.
3. Only two or three times have I wished for more than 4 oz of meat/eggs/fish in a day. And then I've eaten more, assuming my body was telling me something.
4. I have lost just under 30 pounds without a big food-restriction effort.
5. I have had zero free-floating anxiety in the last 5 months.
6. I have been well (no colds or flu) the last 5 months. Any symptoms have disappeared quickly.
7. I have had a different kind of energy (a steady hum, not a caffeine buzz).
8. My four cups of black tea a day habit has shifted to one or none a day. I don't think about it.
9. I've no interest in diet sodas or junk food (aka cheetos) although I ate four potato chips off my friend Eileen's plate at lunch today. I didn't lust after more though and after the waitress took her plate, I forgot about them.
10. I'm down a size in clothing.
11. The small annoyances of life don't annoy me. I just can't get worked up over them.
12. I've begun cooking again after 23 years and really enjoy it as a creative endeavor.
13. I get more done every day than before.
14. I don't nap anymore.
15. I'm learning how to order what I need in restaurants and bring what I need with me when I leave the house.
16. #15 is not a big deal.
17. I'm eating a much greater variety of foods than I was before.
18. My food nurturing is spreading out into nurturing myself in other ways.
19. I still miss candy bars (anything with caramel) and ice cream (haven't had any in over 3 years). I suspect I will always miss and want them.
20. I'm full of gratitude for Joe Cross (Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead), Elisabeth Dunham (my coach), and Lily Gael (my Plan buddy).

P.S.: My soup of the week and my veggie bake of the week (see last Monday's post) were fabulous!

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