Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 156 Maybe I have shopping addiction after all

I belong to a Women and Money group and because I've been inquiring into reducing my paid work load, my group challenged me to figure out what I need to live on. Following Luna Jaffe's idea of Squeak by, Enough, and Plenty as categories of money we need, I went through my spending for the last year. I was going to do it pretty systematically but I could see right away where the discretionary money was going.

I already knew that I buy more clothes than I think I do (I shop online) and I am somewhat profligate though improved in self-indulgence in terms of books (Kindle) and music (iTunes) but those are pretty much in bounds that I'm comfortable with. Where the big bucks are going? Food shopping. I'm spending enough money for a family of 4.

I see two issues here. One is food scarcity. I've always been a "have plenty" thinker. Maybe this is genetic, passed down from my Mormon dad, who bought cases of canned goods just in case. While I don't do that, I am often stocking up when I am already well stocked.

In addition, I like a lot of choice. I used to always rent 3 or 4 videos and buy 2 or 4 books in case I didn't like one of them. So I buy more than I need and more than I can consume. While I throw away very little fresh food these days, I have cupboards crammed with staples.

The second issue is that I do like to buy stuff. There's something very pleasurable about coming home with a bag of new something. Perhaps anything. Since I'm not buying much else at the moment, that something/anything new is food.

Another challenge to consider. Hmmmm.

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