Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 157 Counter-cultural or more on the "fool" plan

In response to my blog on the typo of "fool" plan instead of food plan, my buddy Lily had this to say:  "I think we are "fools" for self-love eating &  pioneering, revolutionary "fools" to put our faith & actions in what is true for us & our bodies when so much of society tries to convince us otherwise! May we continue to make fools of ourselves one day at a time!"

Her comments got me thinking again about how this way of eating is counter-cultural. Of course, there's the huge amount of our population that eats mostly crap: fast food, junk food, sodas, candy. A few folks may not know that this stuff is lethal but most folks do know, I think. Some can't afford better food, but most are seduced by the food industry's diligent efforts to create hyper-palatible foods with a lot of fat, salt, and sugar. When I read that places like Applebees and TGI Fridays use frozen chicken that has been precooked in fat, salt, and sugar and then recooked with fat, salt, and sugar, I realized why it all goes down so easily. The restaurant corporations and grocery corporations want to get us hooked on that food, and most of us do.

There's a second big group of us who eat better but are still living by the eating ideas we grew up, even though the Food Pyramid shifted years ago away from meat and dairy and refined grains and sugar. But the meat and dairy and wheat associations are huge and powerful lobbies that have big agribusiness money behind them for advertising. (You never hear about the vegetable growers as lobbyists.) Big business isn't as much interested in the precious perishables and not much interested at all in giving up GMOs and herbicides and pesticides.

Lastly there are a lot of folks I know who just don't want to change. Don't want to give up pizza, cheese, French bread, pasta, even though they don't feel very good and know they need to lose several dozen pounds or more. I don't try to convince anybody though I wish they could all experience the well-being I've had these last few months.

So it does feel revolutionary to eat this way. We revolutionary fools one day at a time!

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