Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 158 Food and 9th Step work

Monday I went to a Step Study meeting that I often go to. It's a women's meeting and there's some really long-term sobriety in it. The 9th Step was the topic and a number of people talked about making amends to themselves, how much their drinking and other addictive behaviors had hurt them.

I got to thinking about my own 9th Step work and how I had been a drunk teacher and couldn't make direct amends to years' worth of students but that I could make living amends by being a present and caring teacher for those who came my way in sobriety and I did that.

And I realized that I have some 9th Step work to do with my inner young child, that rather than an apology, I can make a living amend by giving her attention now and letting her feel her feelings. Amazing how the program works.

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