Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 159 Thin body or fat smooth skin?

The wrinkles are starting to show. When you're fat and old, you can have a remarkably smooth face, plumped up by extra weight. As I lose the weight, my age is showing more. The laugh and smile lines are more visible, the fine lines in my face are no longer barely visible.

I know it was inevitable whether I lost weight or not. Eventually, if we are fortunate enough to live a long time, our skin breaks down and we're old and we look it. I don't mind but it's a bit of a shock under certain lights and at certain angles.

I recently had some professional photos taken and I had a very hard time recognizing myself in them. It's not that they were awful. Some of them were quite lovely, but they didn't look like me. Who is this old broad, I thought.

And of course, some very youthful part of us goes on seeing our younger self in the mirror, a kind of age blindness that I think is endearing. So I'm getting used to the new me in more ways than one.  

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