Saturday, August 17, 2013

Day 160 Not getting stuck in a rut

I can be pretty obsessive with food. Well, not just food, but this post is about food. Back in the sugar-bingeing days, I was always fixated on one thing at a time: caramels, Dove Bars, Snickers ice cream bars, chocolate cake (no frosting) with fresh whipped cream. I'd eat something fabulous and want it until I was sick of it. That usually took some months. Since I gave up desserts more than three years ago, some of that obsessive focus has calmed down though I can still want, fix, and eat the same delicious thing over and over.

Now that I'm eating differently, I'm not in so much trouble with that. I fix different fruits and vegetables and having a CSA (community supported agriculture) box once a week helps with that variety. I'm also learning about the nutrition in different fruits and vegetables. I aim each day for 10-12 servings of the two a day, and I know that doesn'tt mean 5 apples and 5 carrots. Eating a big variety in juice/smoothie, crock pot soup, and salads is important because the nutrients vary too. I found this good article on why to vary the greens you eat (and not just eat spinach).

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