Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 164 Too cheerful to wear black

One effect of the food plan has really surprised me. I have began to shrug off my black wardrobe. For many years, I've worn primarily black. The pants are a practical matter. I'm not a particularly tidy person and I seem to be a magnet for things that stain. My pens leak, there'll be grease where I sit, and tomato sauce and red wine and chocolate all seem to find their way onto my clothing. And of course any of the things that can stain your pants can stain your top as well.

I also do believe that black makes you look thinner. And if not, it kind of blurs the lines of your body so that no one can really see it. That may be erroneous but it was comforting to believe.

What's more, black is elegant. You're always well dressed in a black shirt and nice black pants, no matter where you are.

But since I got cheerful, I just don't want to wear black anymore. When I bought some smaller clothes, I got some brightly colored tops in cool patterns to wear with my black pants. And then I bought some white pants, and then I bought a pair of red pants! OMG! And right now I'm wearing those red pants with a bright goldenrod t-shirt. My friends may not recognize me. :)

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