Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 165 Getting support when you change your eating

As my first six months on the plan wind down, I want to acknowledge all the support I've had in making these changes.

Thanks go to:

My good friend Susan Brooks, who gave me the DVD of Forks over Knives, which got me started on this journey.

Joe Cross, whose personal documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead was so inspiring that I bought a juicer the next day.

Elisabeth Dunham, an old friend turned health coach, who connected with me at just the right moment to tell me about plant-based eating and to offer her professional support (

Lily Gael, the best food plan buddy one could hope for, compassionate, sensitive, committed to her own well-being as well as mine. She has helped me stay steady on the course and reminds me of the benefits when I get wobbly. Her years of abstinence in OA have been a big plus for me.

My good friends and sisters, Meredith, Pam, Shannon, and Susan, who all also jumped on the plan wagon and have been supportive and great listeners and sharers.

My friends Bridget, Jan, and Carole, whose similar journeys helped inspire mine.

Kerry and Melanie, who always have my best interests at heart.

All of you reading this blog and especially those of you sharing your stories with me in comments.

Change of any sort requires courage. Courage requires support. My deep appreciation to you all.

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