Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 168 Healthy food, pretty table

Over these months as I've become more interested in what I'm feeding myself and its health properties, I'm also more interested in eating better, that is, having a better eating experience. It's been lovely to have most of these first six months come in the spring and summer. Not only does that mean an abundance of fresh produce for smoothies and meals but it also means I can sit outside on my terrace for those meals.

I've lived in this wonderful apartment in close-in SE Portland for 19 years and for the first 18, the large covered terrace, which looks into the branches of a beautiful old cherry tree, leaked like a sieve. It was covered ancient and filthy corrugated plastic, and the rain would come through and cover everything with a grime. I used the terrace sparingly and had to wash down the furniture after each rain and mop the concrete floor and it was pretty unpleasant. Last November though, my landlord had the whole complex reroofed and the terrace got a new solid wood roof with three skylights. Now it doesn't leak, it has lovely light, and it has become an additional room, especially with this wonderful summer we've been having. 

Earlier in the summer, I got a new plastic rug and my porch swing. This week I decided to dress up the table with a new Provencal oilcloth in yellow and blue and today I got some lovely green dishes. Eating healthy, eating pretty. 

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