Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 169 Making incremental changes

My good friend Kathie was here for lunch. She has just started working with my coach and we talked about incremental changes rather than jumping in full tilt. Another friend Pam is having trouble adjusting to it all and I suggested she also make slower changes.

I too started out slow. After watching the two films and my initial consult with the coach, I got a juicer and that's the only change I made for nearly a month. I played with the juicer, tried out various combinations, figured out how it worked, and learned to love the juice and the smoothies.

One reason for this slow beginning was that I was travelling to Tennessee for a retreat and a workshop and didn't feel comfortable trying to figure out a new food plan while I was on the road and eating with others who might be inconvenienced by it. I was gone over a week and ate as well as I could (no fried food and as many fruits and vegetables as I could) but in the winter in the middle of the country, that's not so easy.

One important thing happened on that trip though. I missed the juice and was glad to come back to it. And I think it gave me the courage (this isn't so bad) to make more changes.

So just adding fresh vegetable juice every day to your current eating habits can be a big boost to your health. And a very easy way to involve your family too. The healthiest combination includes 80% vegetables and 20% fruit to not tax your pancreas and blood sugar levels.

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