Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 170 Getting the cheerfulness going

Because I've made so many changes in how I eat, it's difficult to identify any one thing that is at the heart of the chronic cheerfulness that I now experience. Is it the elimination of wheat and dairy, which may have been irritants? Is it the much diminished consumption of caffeine (no coffee, no chocolate, only an occasional decaf black tea? Is it the major reduction in food chemicals from processed foods? Or is it the massive infusion of fruits and vegetables?

There isn't much research on this that I can find, but there are some studies that show that fruits and vegetables are reliable suppliers of serotonin and melatonin, chemicals we need for happy brains. B vitamins are also essential for a happy nervous system (when we drink alcohol and coffee and sodas, we strip our nerves of the B vitamins they need), and I found this great link.

So I suspect that the huge shift in my mood towards cheerfulness and away from anxiety and panic has to do with the juice, the big salads, and the steamed and baked veggies I consume every day.

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