Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 173 A love prayer by author Julia Cameron

My good friend Susan Brooks read this prayer to our meeting of Soul Strippers last Sunday and I liked it so much, I copied it down. You might enjoy it too. It strikes me as an interesting version of the AA Third Step Prayer.

"I anticipate the blessings hidden in all circumstances. I surrender my need to control relationships and events. I open my heart to divine outcomes, divine timing. I invite Spirit to counsel me on how I can best cooperate with, rather than control, the graceful unfolding of my good."

This seems particularly helpful for me today. My long-time next-door neighbor Ben  (15 years of quiet steadiness through the wall) is moving out over the weekend. And my New York editor wrote to me this afternoon that she is beginning the edit of my novel. Both events I want to control the outcome of. Breathing and trusting!

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