Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 174 Resources for juice and smoothies

Nan Woods wrote to request a recipe for an 80/20 veggie/fruit smoothie. I'm not sure I can honor that request very easily as I don't concern myself with that mix for the smoothie I drink most days. However, I do make 80/20 juice and here's some info about that and resources.

I typically make two quarts of juice at a time (clean-up is not simple, although pretty easy) and I juice a bunch of kale or romaine or chard or a mix of all 5, a big cucumber, some parsley, an apple, carrots and then some other things I have on hand like tomatoes, turnips, kohl rabi, beets. While carrots aren't a fruit, they do contribute sweetness as do cucumbers.

I then use about 10 oz of this juice in the blender with a frozen banana, blueberries (a cup), a little pineapple or mango, the juice of a lime, and as much spinach as I can cram in the blender. So my guess is the smoothie is 60/40.

Others do just smoothie and no juice and here's a combination that's pretty close to 80/20.
1 cup cold water or almond/rice/coconut milk
2 cups greens
a peeled cucumber
4-5 small carrots
1 apple (cored)--apparently seeds have cyanide
any other veggies that appeal to you

The combinations are endless!

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