Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 176 Watching other people eat

Last night Kerry and her son Alex and I went to a wonderful restaurant in Bend called 5 Fusion. I hadn't checked the menu the way I usually do now to see how many choices there are for me. Turned out there weren't many because it's Asian food and they use a lot of soy. But the waitress was terrific and suggested a halibut dish with spinach and she'd ask the chef to make a sauce without soy. So that worked out well.

But K and A ordered appetizers that I had thoroughly enjoyed last year when we there: lobster fritters with cream cheese, crab cakes, and after dinner a big dessert with whipped cream and ice cream, two of my former main food groups. I had a bit of vegetarian sushi (not a big fan) as they oohed and ahhed over the fritters and cakes, enjoyed my dinner as they ate theirs, and then watched as they ate the dessert.

I didn't need any more food and the fish had been delicious. But I felt a bit of sadness watching them eat all that yumminess. My family is very food-oriented and we have shared a lot of great food. Now I feel on the outside of that circle. I didn't really want any of the dessert but I also didn't want to watch. Maybe that will get easier.


Ann K. said...

It will get easier, Jill. I have been watching other people (including my husband) eat fat and sugar filled supposedly yummy food all my life. It's like quitting smoking. The smoker remembers the pleasure of smoking, but after a few years of abstinence, cigarette smells become disgusting. For me, fat filled cheese, whipped cream, pie crusts, etc. leave a disgusting patina of grease in my mouth. There are times when I want it (and have it) but they are far and few between and the rest of the time I don't miss it and feel sad for those who are still addicted. Ann Kopel

Bridget B. said...

Just commiserating. Went out to dinner tonight with a friend who had an artichoke covered with cheese and dipped in butter . . . tough. Very tough. Though some things don't tempt me anymore, as I know how crappy I'll feel! Like regular ice cream.