Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 178 A reader's question about soy

One of the blog readers asked about soy and while I'm no expert, here's my knowledge and my decision based on my coach's advice.

Soy is a common allergen, along with sugar, wheat, dairy, and peanuts. You can also have an intolerance for all of these foods, which means you don't have a dramatic reaction but rather a low level of unhealthiness (joint problems, sleep problems, digestive problems,skins problems, etc.). Because I feel so much better off of these foods (except for peanuts), I suspect I have been intolerant for a good while.

Soy is also contraindicated if you have thyroid issues, like I do. I have Hashimoto's disease, an auto-immune issue with the thyroid. So I avoid it for that reason.

Third, the least problematic soy products are the fermented ones, like tempeh and mizo and soy sauce. However, my coach advocates minimizing the eating of highly processed foods, which these are, in favor of whole foods with little to no processing.

Last, because I still eat meat, although much less of it, I am not dependent on soy products for protein. I find quinoa, beans, rice, lentils, nuts and seeds and the protein in vegetables plus a little meat plenty of protein.

All that said, I suspect that I will gradually re-introduce some soy sauce in my diet and see what happens. I'm counting on my body telling me what works and what doesn't work.

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