Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 180 The cholesterol conundrum

Thursday I got the results of additional blood work. My doctor had wanted to recheck my cholesterol levels after I'd been off the statin drugs for a month or two. For years my cholesterol has been in the low end of abnormal (205-210) and it went up about a year ago to 235. I agreed to a low dose of statins (20 mg) and after 2 months, my cholesterol had gone down to 210 again.

But after four months on the food plan, it had dropped to 158 and all the other lipids were at healthy levels too, and I assumed it was the plan in action. So I was disappointed to find out Thursday that while the triglycerides stayed low and healthy, the LDL cholesterol went back up and put my total cholesterol back at 236.

Fortunately, with my relentless cheerfulness, I can see this as information rather than a disaster. Both too many simple carbs and too much fat in the diet can raise cholesterol levels and I don't do much of either. Genetics can also be the culprit. Hence the conundrum. Doc says back on statins. Waiting on advice to consider from my coach.

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