Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 189 A major shift in my relationship with my imagination

This time 24 years ago, I was hanging on by my fingernails. I was scheduled to go into the treatment center in Lynchburg, VA the next day at 4 pm. I spent the evening drunk, the night drunk, the next morning drunk. I was terrified. I couldn't imagine what treatment would be like or how I would get out of the terrible and unrelenting dependence that I had on alcohol. For years, I'd been trying to quit but I couldn't imagine how to really do it without terrible pain and suffering. I couldn't imagine my life without alcohol. And I suspected I was going to have to leave my long-term (10-year) relationship with my lover, who collected whiskeys and other women.

Today I spent the day in a painting workshop at Sitka on the Oregon Coast. The workshop is focussing on how to use your imagination to move from a seen landscape into an abstraction. We had a slide show, some demonstrations, and then got to play and play and play. I've got two more days of this kind of heaven coming right up.

Every year for my AA anniversary I give myself a gift. This year this workshop is the gift. Having my imagination back in full force is just one of the many gifts of sobriety. I am so lucky!

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