Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 191 Food Plan on the road again

I've just come back from three days at the Oregon Coast where I took a painting workshop for three days. I chose to stay in the lower apartment of a friend's duplex so I'd have a kitchen, even though it was a half hour from the workshop location. Here's how I handled the food:

1. Made 2 full quarts of green juice the morning before  I left so I 'd have enough for the three days without having to take my juicer. Took assorted fresh and frozen fruit and spinach for smoothies.
2. Made four days of steel cut oats in the rice cooker and took that, walnuts, and coconut milk for second breakfast.

3. Had made a crock pot of sweet potato, kale, white bean soup two days before I left and I had four servings to take with me.
4. Purchased some locally made guacamole and a small bag of organic corn chips.
5. Purchased some quinoa/apple salad and took a large serving of T Joe's 8-chopped veggie/apple/sunflower seed  slaw.

Big bowl of quinoa/8-veggie salad
Two servings of soup
Purchased a Thai/chicken/cabbage salad and mixed half of it with the quinoa for the third day with the few remaining chips

First night: Soup, guac, chips
Second night: 2 veggie burgers, olive tapenade, fermented ginger carrots,
Third night: Crab Louie with vinaigrette (we ate out)

I took snacks: safe bars, cashews in prepackaged 1 oz. servings but I didn't eat any of them until the trip home (1 bar, 1 package of nuts), which happened at dinner time.

Felt like I ate great the whole time.

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