Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 197 The Plan and the flu

I came back from my recent trip to the coast with some kind of virus. Just felt a little off at first, then chills, fever, and no appetite. When I have no appetite, I know I'm sick. Because I have somewhat fragile lungs and can struggle with respiratory problems, I'm super careful so I immediately started taking my triple threat remedies: Viraclear from Integrative Therapeutics, Wellness Formula, and Black Elderberry extract in water twice a day. While the combo doesn't always stave it off, it generally makes the experience somewhat shorter and easier. I also cancelled most of the appointments on my calendar.

Often when I'm sick and feeling sorry for myself, my good eating habits just go out the window. But this time was different. When I get back from the beach, I went the next morning to the grocery store and stocked up on my usual salad and juice makings and some clean meats. That afternoon, I made a soup (beef broth, potatoes, celery, onions, quinoa, kale) in the crockpot and two quarts of juice (I normally make one).

For the next three days, I didn't feel like eating much but a quick bowl of soup or a green juice/fruit smoothie with extra lime juice was easy to handle plus a lot of water and herb tea. Within 48 hours I was feeling a lot better. Of course, I only have me and so there's no control group to see what would have happened, but this is the quickest and mildest experience with the flu I've ever had. Got to be doing something right.

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