Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 200 Giving up victory and defeat

My friend Pam emailed after her husband's 50th birthday party that she'd had a serious run-in with the triple fudge cake and was recommitting to the plan. Susan replied with concern that she'd poured cow's milk onto her cereal instead of the almond milk she'd planned to use.And I realized again what a battlefield we have made eating into, completely with landmines (cake) and friendly fire (the wrong milk).

And I wondered if we can give up the battle and the consequent victory over foods or defeat over our intentions and just eat. Choose good things for our bodies and eat them most of the time, maybe moving to almost all of the time but without fear of reprisal if we make a poor choice or make an inadvertent error.

Diets have always struck me as inherently stressful because of this very battle mentality. I don't want to fight with my body and I don't want to fight with food. I want peace, peace with food and my body. So maybe taking the victory and defeat ideas out of the picture can help.

I hope Pam really enjoyed the cake. And that Susan didn't waste the milk. And I hope I would have done the same.  

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