Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 201 Food: It's all in the family

I'm headed off to a long weekend with my family and of course, I'm taking the plan with me. We're celebrating my sister's 60th in a big house on Mt Hood and there will be a lot of fun as we are a movie-watching, card-playing, punning clan. We are also an eating clan. Among us siblings, most childhood memories are based on food. Remember that time we went to XXX and had that amazing peach pie, fried chicken, bacon pasta, cinnamon rolls, hot biscuits, mac and cheese. You get the picture. None of these memories center around salad, steamed vegetables, a green smoothie. My current plan, in other words.

My youngest sister has had her food stuff figured out for years. She has a strong sense of discipline around both food and exercise and knows how to indulge and how to back off. I don't. Once I start indulging, I find it hard to quit. Maybe that's the addict in me. So I find it easier to stay on the straight and green rather than popcorn or snacks for a meal. Sometimes I envy her and other family members whose relationship with food isn't so contentious.

But then again, I think I have found a way to be with food that works for me. So tonight I'm fixing a big Indian curry cauliflower bok choy soup in the crockpot and I did a peanut sauce veggie bake with potatoes and zucchini and carrots to go with the salmon on Monday night and I will stock up on salad stuff on our way out of town.

There will be cake. The same German chocolate cake as last year. The one I tried, overate, and felt sick after. No need to do that again. There will also be a blackberry pie and I may just cut the crust off my piece and eat the filling. Who knows! And one of these days, maybe our memories will be based on green smoothies!

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