Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 190 How our palate's change

Jill,  I love this article about the change in palate. And it is so true for me. I remember when I got into OA, 
I'd hear people use the word treats all the time; like 'I just need a treat' or 'how 
can I possibly live without
treats in my life...'  Now I get that treats are cravings for
non-nourishing food:  sugary, buttery, creamy, salty concoctions that fuel my 
obsessive thinking but do not nourish my body. Truth is, I now refer to treat foods
by the simple phrase: non-food. Acknowledging that I want non-food items 
wakes me up every time.
Also I spent many years before OA & the Plan eating 
substitute non-foods thinking substitution was the answer to my eating problem.
I ate lots of modified treat foods back in the day: Snackwell cookies, 50% 
less fat potato chips, then organic potato chips, all manner of low-fat ice cream or Rice Dream desserts, carob instead of chocolate chip cookies...and so on & so on. I spent $1000 of dollars on non-food treats!
So part of plant-based, whole food
Plan for me is distinguishing between food,
and non-food. I'v
lived in the non-food ghetto and it is only now that I feel free from 
its hold on me. Sometimes this distinction is clearer to me than trying to wrap my 
brain around the difference between Whole vs Processed food.   
The Plan's ability to make foundational change in my eating was tested to a great 
degree on a recent trip to Chicago. I planned to eat
piece of Chicago-style deep 
dish pizza; part of the no-brainer eating plan of every kid growing up in Chicago,
you know. I did order a pizza & salad one night for dinner & ate my one piece. 
Then I cut another sliver of the pizza & ate that too. Not because I wanted 
more Pizza Pie but because I wanted to check to make absolutely sure 
that it wasn't a baking mistake or a momentary fluke that that first piece 
t rock my world. It wasn't anything special; I just didn't enjoy it much. 
In fact, I enjoyed the salad more than the pizza. Salad; the bowl of green 
& yellow & red & orange veggies in an olive oil & vinegar dressing was 
the best part of the meal. It nourished me! 
How about that for
eating a whole food diet be
the catalyst for changing not only 
what my body wants
but also what my whole body ENJOYS!  Next time I visit home, 
Italian salads are what I want to have. Who's making the best
Salad? Pizza is a treat 
I can do without; this transformation borders on unbelievable to me, really! 

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