Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 204 Eating on purpose

I've been thinking a lot about how I want the next phase of my life to be. Many of my friends are retiring. They're downsizing to smaller homes, moving to warmer climates. Some have been retired for a while. On to their big travel adventures. When you work for yourself, the transition can be much less clear cut. But the time constraints, the dwindling future is still there.

Since I got sober, I have wanted very much to live on purpose. A great deal of my drinking life was aimless. It may not have seemed so from the outside. I was in relationships, I went to graduate school, I got a PhD, I had a career and wrote academic articles. But inside I was lost and wandering and I don't live that way now.

I think that may be why this food plan is so good for me. Because it's about eating on purpose. It's not about eating because I'm hungry, although that's a factor. It's not about what do I feel like eating (what would taste good), though that's a factor too. It's mostly about understanding the purpose of what I eat (feed my cells, my muscles, my brain connections; keep me in good health, both mental and physical; support all the things I'd like to do). And about making deliberate choices, something I didn't much of when I was struggling with addiction.

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