Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 205 My version of SAD has arrived!

After a most beautiful summer of many cool mornings and warm afternoons, plenty of sunshine and little rain, fall has descended on the Northwest like a ton of bricks. The weather has turned cold, wet, and continually cloudy, more like November than the gorgeous September we usually get. Add this to the rapid diminishing of the light that comes with the Equinox and it's gotten pretty gloomy here.

It takes me a few days to recognize the onset of my version of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Mine doesn't come at the height of winter with a burning desire to go to Hawaii or Arizona. In fact, I do go to Florida now in late January and it always seems odd to be in the sun and the heat. No, by the holidays, I've made peace with the cold and the dark and moved into my indoor life.

It's now that I struggle. It's now that the evenings seem too long and I feel at loose ends with myself, loose ends that I try to tie up with extra food. I know this will pass, that I will settle in, and my challenge is to be okay without needing to eat about it.

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