Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 206 A brush with wheat and dairy

I just came back from a long weekend with my family up on Mt Hood celebrating my sister's 60th birthday. It was the weekend of the typhoon from Japan bringing us inches of rain and so we were inside a lot, reading, playing cards, watching our favorite funny movies (Dodgeball, Airplane). There was a lot of non-plan food because that's the way most of my family eats: cake, French bread, many kinds of cheese, for example, but I'd brought soups and salads for myself and our other sister, who's also on the plan (she's lost 45 pounds).

The birthday cake was the same family favorite German chocolate cake from a local bakery and my experience with it last year (eating a piece and then feeling wretched about 45 minutes later) carried me through saying no. But the next night there was blackberry pie and ice cream and I decided to give it a try. There were no immediate repercussions: I didn't feel "sugared out," and I didn't crave more or even think about the remaining ice cream in the freezer. In fact, the pie was very good but the ice cream was just sort of okay, which surprised me because it was my favorite brand. And all of this was good news to me.

The not-so-good news came the next day with major intestinal upset all day and into the following morning, problems I haven't had since the very first month of the plan, problems that were all too common before the plan. So now I know. Staying off wheat and dairy is good for me, and indulging in either will have unpleasant consequences.

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