Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 208 An amazing thought about addiction

I've been reading David Krueger's The Secret Language of Money. It's a pretty interesting book about our relationship with money, personal, familial, cultural, and the individual story we each have about money and what we want it to do for us. The book is about a great deal more than money. It's about how we do life, what we expect and don't expect. And of course, he talks some about addictions around money: spending addiction, debt, gambling.

He talks at length about the restlessness of addiction. The dopamine rush we get from spending whether it's cash or credit card, online or in person, and how we want more of that rush. Always more. And here's the sentence that blew me away: "When one is addicted to something, the hardest thing to do is nothing."

That has so been my experience. I think of it as the inability to stop doing something, but it's really an inability to do nothing. To just sit there or stand there or lie there until the need, the restlessness, the agitation passes. I don't have much faith that it will, but I've never really tested it. I've just gone from one soother to another. What an idea! Do nothing.

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