Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 209 Marshaling support for change

One of the smartest things I did when I moved into my food plan last March was to start blogging about it. I did it initially to have some accountability. An agreement I make with myself is important to me, but I have a firmer commitment when others also know about the agreement. So it seemed important to announce to a few folks that I was embarking on a big change and that I'd be reporting on it. And although nobody can keep me sober other than me and nobody can keep me on the plan other than me, it does help to know that others are supporting us.

It was also a wise idea for me to hire Elisabeth Dunham as my coach. I wasn't quite sure what having a coach would do for me, but her suggestions for making gradual changes, her solutions to the problems I encountered, her quick answers (or an I'll find out) to my questions, and her encouragement and support were well worth the money I spent.

And a third prong of my support has been the friends who've adopted a version of the plan themselves. I've been meeting every two weeks with my buddy Lily. We talk obstacles, challenges, recipes, discoveries, setbacks, successes. Six or eight other friends, both local and long distance, are now on their own versions of the plan and we talk on the phone or when we get together and support each other. Our mutual wishing each other well and good eating is a wonderful addition to my path.

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