Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 215 Where I am today

I'm seven and a half months into the Plan. It's how I eat now. No wheat, no dairy, very little soy (I'm okay if it's a minor ingredient in something and I just have a little (like a dressing). I eat much less meat, once a day or every other day. I eat a big salad most days and another meal of many cooked vegetables plus a quart of green juice smoothie. It's just how I eat now. It's not a big deal.

Making the juice 2-3 times a week has become a routine (took me 15 minutes this morning). Making a crock pot soup is about the same amount of time. Did it twice this week because I had folks to dinner and served it up. I often steam greens or bake other veggies at the same time so most of my cooking gets down on one morning of the week, usually Monday, but for no particular reason.

I shop much less frequently. Usually once a week on Wednesdays at New Seasons, our local upscale organic store, where I get a 10% senior discount that day. We are also still getting our organic food box (another two deliveries, I think) and I go to Trader Joe's about every three weeks for some staples that I like from there.

I do still get a few deli items at New Seasons. I like their kale/carrot salad and their quinoa/apple salad and sometimes they have grilled vegetables, which is a nice change. I don't have a way to grill. Not yet anyway.

I've lost 32 pounds in this time, no idea how many inches, but I'm down a size in clothes and those are loose too. I feel lighter, lots happier, lots healthier. And getting ready to make the next big change.

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