Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 217 Moving towards the next big challenge

I've been putting off writing this particular post because it means taking another big leap and I'm resistant to more big change. It isn't a surprise to me that I need to do this. I haven't been harboring the illusion that some miracle would happen and I wouldn't have to address this directly. But I've just been coasting for a while.

My first big step was changing what I eat. And as my blog post two days indicated, those changes have become pretty solid. Next up: changing how I eat. Specifically, snacking after dinner in front of the TV.

When I moved more heavily into my drinking and started using wine coolers to feel better in the morning, I knew that wasn't normal. I went on doing it for another 12 years, but I never pretended it was what everybody did. But snacking in front of the TV, why that's an all-American pastime and not doing this seems counter-cultural, radical, revolutionary, and worst of all, restrictive.

But there are several good reasons to stop doing it.

  • Extra calories that add up to more than I need in a day.  Check.
  • Extra calories that don't get burned while I sleep so they add up to extra pounds (or less weight loss). Check. 
  • Disturbed sleep. Many foods stimulate the third-eye chakra (intuition, visions) giving us weird dreams and making us feel that we've been busy all night. Check. 
  • We don't physically rest as well since our digestive system has to digest (digest means less rest). Check. 
But my emotional self doesn't buy much of this. She's screaming: "We'll suffer if you do that. We won't make it."

And yet. And yet.

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