Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 224 7 X 60 Just move it Part II

I'm in decent shape for my age. I did a senior fitness test last summer and I can bench press and leg press a lot of weight (strong), I have strong bones from years of walking and weight lifting, but I'm probably not as cardio fit as I could be. Two reasons: I don't like to sweat (not from an appearance perspective but I don't like to be hot and sweaty) and I don't like to be out of breath (I find it frightening).

I'd like to get over both of these inclinations or dislikes and be fitter. So in the spirit of Younger Next Year, I am going to increase my exercise program. No, I'm not taking a month to go to Utah and ski all day every day, but I am going to move my body 7 hours each week, roughly 60 minutes a day every day. Currently I walk 20-25 minutes 4 times a week and go to the gym the other 3 days where I walk for 30-40 minutes and lift weights. So I'm going to increase my time and begin to do some other things. I get to choose what counts as moving my body: yoga, repeated stair climbing, additional weight work, a dance tape. Some vigorous yard work might count (sweeping, raking leaves) but no already routine activities. I want to move more that I already do. If I end up with a long exercise possibility one day, I can count it in the total 420 minutes.

I'm wondering if any of your readers are willing to take this on with me, be a buddy in the 7x60 club for the next month. If you are, email me at and we'll team up.

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