Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 225 Reporting on the post-dinner eating

In agreement with my coach Elisabeth, I'm actively working on letting go of evening eating (post-dinner/in front of the TV movie eating). This has been one of my guilty pleasures for many years. I can't claim ignorance of how so not good it is for me. It's clearly a case of overeating (I've already had a full dinner), and while I don't eat anything that isn't on the plan, I don't need a rice cake with peanut butter after dinner. I don't need coconut milk yogurt with a pear and almonds. I don't need chips and bean dip. I'm not eating any of this because I'm hungry. I'm eating because my mind is still racing from the day, the Netflix choice (I don't have access to regular or cable TV) is not all that engaging when I'm alone, and I'm restless and wanting food to relax me, to slow me down.

In fact, my close friend Susan emailed me yesterday congratulating me on being productive on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. I wrote back and said that congratulations were probably not in order. I don't have trouble being productive, I have trouble being at rest.

The last few nights I have not eaten after dinner and I have watched TV. How? I've been whitening my teeth, a process that calls for flossing and brushing two hours before bedtime, putting peroxide gel in these little plastic replicas of my teeth and wearing them for one-two hours. If you want it to work, you don't put anything in your mouth except water after the treatment until the next morning. This process will take about 3 weeks. I'm hoping that by then I'll be on my way to changing that old habit.

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