Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 228 This week's creations

Lots of intriguing things in the last CSA boxes of the summer. So here's what I'm eating this week:

Crockpot soup:
Cauliflower, yellow onion, skinny red peppers, purple potatoes, fennel bulb with TJoe's Yellow Curry Sauce, veggie broth, and adobo seasoning. A little hot for my gringo tastebuds so I'm putting it over brown rice.

Veggie bake: Delicata squash, a garnet yam, celery, purple potatoes, fennel, parsley, spinach, the last of the skinny red pepper, a big sweet yellow pepper. I filled a big mixing bowl with chopped veggies. Then I mixed 1/4 cup olive oil vinaigrette with 1 cup broth and 2 T. of TJoe's 21 seasonings salute and coated them with the mixture. Baked in big flat pyrex dish for 40 minutes at 375.

Juice:  several varieties of apple from the local nursery's big sale, flat leaf parsley, celery, collard greens, cucumber, carrots, romaine. Adding a little vanilla coconut milk to the smoothie in the morning with frozen banana (peel before freezing), frozen pineapple, fresh pear, spinach.

Yum all around!

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