Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 237 Upgrading my personality Part I

One of the ideas I like best in Eric Maisel's Natural Psychology is the idea of the three parts of our personality. He believes we have an original personality, which may or may not be inherited, but it's the traits and preferences and tendencies we come into life with. There isn't any real way to define this or pin it down, but we mostly know what it is because of how we respond to life. We also have a formed personality, who we are because of the experiences and circumstances that we've known. The culture also has a say in our formed personality. Many of us live primarily out of this formed personality, especially if we have been traumatized in some way. We can get stuck there.

Fortunately, we also have available personality. In essence, this is our ability to change, whether consciously or unconsciously. We can decide to become somebody who is punctual instead of always late, or somebody who eats vegan, or somebody who has a well-developed musical sense. I know that this is true because I got sober and have stayed sober. My formed personality was as someone who would do almost anything to escape my feelings through alcohol. I drank a lot and steadily for nearly 20 years. And then I stopped. I had a lot of help, a lot of support, but I also had available personality that I could call on to change. And by using my available personality to do things differently, I now have a formed personality that knows that sobriety and recovery are possible. This, I suspect, gives me more available personality to make more changes, to upgrade my personality, as it were, so that I am more of the kind of person I want to be.

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